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How get Maxim to talk to scope to guide

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Hi All,

Not being very good with computers, I have downloaded ASCOM Platform 5 and5.5, Meade LX200 GPS 5.0.0, POTH 5.0.5 and set up Maxim 5.12 as MartinB Guide to guiding, but what do I do now to get Maxim to run scope, sorry if this as bean don before but all help will be very much appreciated.


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In Maxim, open the Obs Control tab - looks like an observatory

Go to Telescope

Click on Options>

Select Choose

The Ascom telescope chooser should appear

Select your scope from the drop down (I'm guessing at something like LX200 with Autostar)

Click on Properties and make sure that the Com port selected is the one allocated by your laptop when you plug in the scope's serial adapter

Click OK and go back to Maxim's Obs Control screen

Click on Connect in Telescope section

... and Maxim and your scope should be connected together

All your settings should be remembered for the next time. Then, all you need do is go the Obs Control tab and press Connect under Telescope

I suggest you do this during daylight so that you're familiar with the process for when a clear night appears!



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If I understand the original question it was how to setup Maxim to guide. Maxim is very powerful but with this comes some complexity and it can be quite confusing. I have never used an LX200 so some of my info may not be applicable.

In general there are 2 ways in which Maxim can autoguide

  1. Allowing Maxim to talk to and control the whole telescope

    1. allows Maxim to issue "goto" commands
    2. the connection method is as described in Steve's answer
    3. this is often a serial type port cable

    4. Allowing Maxim to just issue small adjustment commands
      1. usually needs a different connection often called an ST4 cable (though not all mounts follow the same protocols)
      2. often scopes have an "autoguider" port labelled
      3. often looks like a small telephone type socket
      4. Maxim doesn't actually connect as above but just acts a bit like a joystick issuing small corrections

Either method works but I prefer option 1 as it saves a cable and has more options.

Steve's method sets up how Maxim can connect and control the mount (scenario 1) but there is a second section that is needed to tell Maxim how to autoguide :-

Camera control window -> Guide tab -> Guider settings -> autoguider output

IF you are using the method Steve mentioned to connect Maxim then select "telescope" but IF you are just using an autoguider cable then select "main relays".

This is covered in the Maxim help which is available online as well as via the program.


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