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Ha Horsehead with new Atik 383L


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Had a chance to test my new Atik 383L over the last couple of nights.

Image details are as follows:-

Atik 383L (mono)

Baader 7nm Ha filter

Skywatcher ED80 Pro (with 0.85 focal reducer)

16 x 10 min subs (only dark framed, no bias or flat)

Guided with PHD

Captured & pre-processed with Nebulosity, finished in Photoshop

I’m quite pleased with this, all I need to do now is capture some Oiii & Sii and then I can make a garish Hubble Palette picture…..

Had a slight problem with the dark subtraction at first, seems that Artemis Capture and Nebulosity images are not orientated the same; you have to flip one horizontally before you do the subtraction



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I’m using 2” filters – don’t seem to be getting any vignetting, the image is cropped but that was due to bad/different framing on the nights I captured the data.


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Thanks for the comments.

I have now added some OIII data to it (which may have spoilt the monochrome simplicity – but hey you've got to try these things...)

The picture is very much a cheat. I only managed to get about 1 hour of OIII data which is not enough, but I've used it anyway.

So the image is lots of Ha (used as red), small amount of OIII (used as blue & smoothed like hell to get rid of the noise) and the green channel was synthesised in photoshop with Noels actions.

Its a bit of a weird colour which will hopefully get fixed as I add more data but it was quite interesting trying the different ways of combining the channels.....(the bright purple version was a bit much....)



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Not sure what I am bringing to SGL 6, the scopes in the obsy are setup real sweet at the moment and I am reluctant to break-it-down. I may just bring my C8 and do some visual stuff (& help you with a “wine fuelled asto photo frenzy” of course…..):(

See you in 3 weeks.


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