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Meade 4000 Eyepieces

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Just so you know. The 6.4mm 4000 is a little gem, one of the best EP's I ever owned. Was awesome in the 6" Newt I had.

Shows how these things can vary, I bought a 6.4mm 4000 new when they 1st came out in the 1980's (made in Japan then) - it was not good - the field stop was all fuzzy, so I returned it and had another - same problem. Eventually I got half my money back and a Meade 3000 6.7mm which was much better. When they are good I think Meade 4000's are great but I think they had QA issues in the early days.


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the 40mm was lousy in my 8" sct, the central obstruction showed up rather too well.

To be fair any 40mm would have done the same on that scope :D

It is a feature of fast Newts and long f/l eps. My 32 mm ep begins to show the central obstruction with my f/5 Newt. With my older f/8 Newt, it wasn't an issue. And with my f/9.5 frac, it doesn't show up at all. Uh, wait a minute...! :insects1:

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