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Hotech Laser Collimator

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I read a review by Astrobaby regarding this collimator so decided to order from FLO. It just arrived today and am happy to say that collimation of my F5 scope took no time at all, it really is a class piece of kit! Just to be sure I used my cheshire after and everything looks bang on.

So a big thank you to Astrobaby and a big thank you to Hotech/FLO for the great tool. I really think this will help anyone inexperienced such as myself that maybe having collimation problems, it really is so easy to use and worth every penny of the price.

Off out soon to look at Saturn :)

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I have one of these and I also think they are great. They're not cheap but they certainly does what it says on the tin.

Just to point out that of course this tool is only as accurate as the collimation of its laser. If you ever need to collimate the laser itself (only if you should drop it) the three grub screws are located underneath the bevel where the front barrel meets the narrower rear tubing. It simply screws off anticlockwise from the front and the three screws can be seen clearly positioned at 120 degrees from each other. I do like kit that allows you to make fine adjustments should you ever need to rather than than being 'set' at the factory with the possibly of having bought a lemon.

Clear skies.


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Yep I have the 1.25" flavour and am very happy it. As for collimation of the laser itself, I bought this one because its never supposed to require tinkering with. However it wouldn't hurt to pop the cheshire in and compare after...

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