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Orion & Seven Sisters

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Cracking images to be honest. They deliver what they say they do.

My only question (and it IS a question) is regarding the green tinge in the images.

Any idea of the cause?

It's not something i have seen before. That's why i ask.

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Cheers Paul!

Cannot get the colour balance right with this camera the RGB histogram is all over the place. The original colour of the first image was a orange hue (light pollution).

Have you tried setting the colour balance to tungsten to compensate for the orange LP.Its a bit hit and miss but it does work sometimes.It definately kills the orange glow if the LP is bad.

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Not bad those pics. Colour if a bit off, but otehrwise good. :(

The green Can be changed into blue/white-is, but.. ..i'm definally not good enough in PS yet to give a good example on this.

Did i quick process on the M45 pic, just to see. And you captured quite a bit of details and stars there. :)

Here's what's in you're pic: Astrometry.net (Finished job alpha-201103-00924699)


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