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Dotting the eye

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Do I REALLY have to take out the primary mirror and put a dot on it?I am getting to visualise the collimation process using a Cheshire eyepiece,and I am not at all sure a dot on the mirror will be visible-plus I am nervous about removing the mirror! (This is a Cel.130EQ Newt.)

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You don't have to do anything to be honest, although it just might make things a little quicker to be honest. If you have a system that works and it gets you the result that you're after then keep with it! Removing mirrors, cleaning them etc is really very straightforward and only requires a methodical common sense approach. Some of the mirror removal instructions i have read almost make the whole experience seem like a religious act of deference, all that's missing is the chanting - a bit too precious for my liking.:) If it were possible to see how these scopes are made in the factory, how it's all shoved in and generally thrown around, we might all be a little more relaxed about it all.

Clear skies


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...so I took the mirror out and dotted it .Thanks for the vote of confidence.Now I have a positive primary mirror ID as well as a point of ref.for collimating!Wasn't entirely sure what I was looking at.Cheers.

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