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did anyone else see...


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did anyone else see a really bright,green meteor tonight at roughly 10pm(forgot to look at the time,doh!) it was towards Pleiades direction and from where i was it looked as tho it straight down all the way to the horizon,it kinda looked almost like a green firework ball(if u know what i mean) from a roman candle, it was really impressive:headbang:

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I also saw it. I actually had my back to it when I saw my mount light up and turned round to catch the last part of its flight - a bonus on top of the clear skies. Makes you wonder what else we've been missing with all the cloud we have had of late.


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Yeah I saw it too, was stood out in the back garden round at Baz seniors house (thanks for the invite :p ) when we both saw it, really big and very, very green, it right made our night !!!


From where we were stood, I would of said it was closer to Sirius then the Pleiades.

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