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In from the cold.

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Had a quick first light with my new telescope tonight. It was ok, not brilliant, I need to a bit more sky learning as I was sort of stick on Orion Nebula and didn't really work out what else I could find. It was a little frustrating to be honest, but I will stick at it.

Anyway, the reason for this post is, when I brought the scope into the warmth I left of the lens cap and al the caps off the Barlow and the eye pieces. Is this the right thing to do? I want to make sure I don't trap in any condensation.

Also, how long should I leave the caps off?

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Bone I'm new to this too, but I'd look at a book called turn left at Orion mate, might help you decide what to view. I'm awaiting delivery of my new 150p and can't wait! Had a good look at the moon tonight with an old 3" newt still an amazing view.


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Thanks, will go an point it down now. It's just flit at the moment.

I've got turn left at orion and have read a bit of it, I thought I'd be lazy tonight and just use Google sky Maps to find things.

I think we have major Light Pollution issues here, so it madeit hard to even get my eyes accustomed to the dark.

The moon was gone by the time I got out.

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Not every night works out but when they do its great.

It hasn't put me off. I think I was under prepared, just wanting to get out and point it at the couple of things I knew.

I spent a bit of time reading Turn Left at Orion last night, there's plenty I can aim to see, even though my garden is NE Facing. I can get some SW views from the side, Orion was easily visible, but not too well placed above a street lamp.

Next time I'm going to plan better, and aim to find 2 or 3 objects in TLAO, then take it from there.

I have also realised I had the Latitude set incorrectly on my mount, 45 degrees instead of 54.:(

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