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My first - Well you tell me! :P


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I actually know what this is, thanks to the AutoStar control on my scope, and this is my first time viewing this object!

I utterly loath living in a city! This shot is a mear 30s @ ISO3200 - This makes me sad, and lacking transport is not helping to put it mildly!

So yes, can you tell what this amazing DSO is? Clue: 20:11 07/03/2011, Lincoln England, vaguely pointing West-ish-sorta. :)


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Aye the glorious, magnificent M31, a stunner that is easily viewable...sigh!

Arghh, I really do hate light pollution, I sometimes think the additional tools I need as an astronomer include:

1) A Super Thermal Cloud Cutter, that cuts a massive hole in the cloud cover.

2) An EMP device, would knock out the entire cities electricity grid, leaving me with zero light pollution.

3) Some kind of orbital rocket system to slow the Earths orbit and give us longer nights.

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You won't find me grumbling about the odd street light round me anymore.

I was showing my wife M42 last night and she asked about why there was no colour ?

I'm not an imager but have a t adaptor for the odd planetary image so thought I'd try and get some colour to show her.

This is 30s @ ISO800 last night. (I know, I think it's upside down ??)


Like I say, feel a bit sorry if that's your view ?


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I have a small view between SE-S and a thats about it, the area where M42 has been gliding past for some time, heck my first DSO was recent and M42:

M42 - Prime Focus | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

So that window of space is reasonable for around 5-15s exposures, but W, 5s looks dull orange, and 10s looks insanely orange, and I can't push any area of the sky beyond 45s, even straight up gives me an orange glow.

Just to annoy me tonight as well, my T-Ring sorta broke, allowing the camera to free spin around the tube.

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