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Help needed dismantling C925...

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Does anyone know the best way of getting inside one of these?

I was just putting the cap back in my diagonal, only to realise too late I'd got the adaptor out. The cap went all the way in and is now inside the C925... sigh.

I can see the top and bottom are held in by nuts and bolts. As the nuts are inside that's a no go. There are screws holding the corrector in but the top has two pins stopping the corrector flange coming out. So, I have no idea.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Will the two pins pop out.. they do on the CPC800...

When you remove the corrector try and get a feel for how tight the retaining screws are they wont be very tight.. the orientation of the Corrector plate needs to be maintained... and watch for any shims...after all that you will need to re-collimate it...

I have had mine out a few times and just re-collimated it tonight .. it wasnt far out as I had used the daylight method to get it close...

Heres a guide form the Nexstar site there are others with pics...



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Solved it!

I removed the secondary (fastar), turned some thin garden wire into a circle just large enough to fit the cap (bung type), and went fishing.

After numerous failed attempts I managed to get the cap out. Phew! I'll make sure I don't do that again!

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