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hello everyone, I have recently bought a skywatcher telescope and would like some advise on how to connect a camera to allow me to take photos of the moon and planets etc. My first question is the camera which I have is a canon EOS1X this is an slr but it isnt digital. Would i be able to take a series of photos and once the film is processed at the developers get these saved to cd, allowing me to stack using specialist software? if so, how do I conect the camera to the telescope as the camera lense is very large, what software is best to use, and any other advise on how to start astro photos for the first time. MANY THANKS LES

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To mount your camera to the scope you need a T2 mount and probably some form of adapter to attach it unless there is already a thread for this. From a talk I went to on Saturday, film photography does not provide anything like the quality of digital when dealing with astrophotography, but no doubt others will be able to help you more.

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