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Lunt LS100THa + Coronado SM90 = Luntado

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I recently bought Coronado SM90/BF15 solar set with intention to double stack my Lunt100.

I received it yesterday but have no adapter yet. My curiosity was stronger than mind so I bought strong adhesive tape and attached it to the scope. Result? It works great!!!

Lot of details on the surface! I am delighted.

I tested it with Lunt and Coronado blocking filters.

With Coronado diagonal the view is brighter but there's lot of reflections beside of the Sun. But visible only at low powers, usual in double stacking.

Lunt diagonal shows no reflections and the view with more contrast.


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As a front etalon the SM90 should work very well with anything else...

I've just used the spectroscope ( R=10000) to check and verify the bandwidth and finesse of the Coronado SM60 filters and the Coronado blocking filters - BF10 and BF15.

The finesse seems to be around 10A for the SM60's and the bandwidth of the BF's around 5A - so a good match.

There was some discussion on CN that the Lunt blocking filter couldn't be used on the Coronado due to a mis-match of finesse...

I know of one amateur in Oz who is successfully using a Lunt BF1200 on a SM40 etalon...

I'd love to test the Lunt stuff for comparison.

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When astronomy and telescopes are involved, and for the safety of the passengers we fly the "amended Great Circle Route"

So from Brussels that would be via the south of France up over Italy then northward to Poland. You agree with that Olly?

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