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Urgent Help Needed

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I have a problem that is baffling me.

I have an ST102 mounted on a HEQ5 (Std)

I am currently aligning the Polarscope with the OTA. The problem I have is this: I have set eveything up but when I look through the eye piece to focus on a distant object I find the image is upside down. That's normal you might say, but - I have a diagonal fitted. My image should be upright. I can't understand this and I don't know how to fix it.

Tonight is going to be a clear and frosty one and I am desperate to use my scope something I haven't done since I boought both the OTA and mount (secondhand thro the forum).

I hope somebody can help me.



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Hi Dante. With a refractor and a standard diagonal, the image should be right way

up, but reversed left to right.

Only thing I can think of, is if you rotate the diagonal in the focuser, the image

orientation will rotate as well.

Don't know if this helps, Ed.

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Thanks for the responses.

the angle of diagonal is 90deg.

I have rotted the OTA but the everything is wrong with that - on thge wrong side.

To compound things I have now lost the adjustment to the reticule, and don't know to into the polariscope to set it again.

Think I'll commiot Hari Kiri.

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