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etx-80 train drives problem

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I wonder if anyone can help, I'm having problems trainign my etx-80 drive.

I tried a reset-calibrate-traindrives and whilst clockwise seems to train without problems, I don’t seem to behaving much success with anti-clockwise. What happens is I centre the object, the telescope moves anti-clockwise and I use the relevant button to return the object to the centre. For the other direction the telescope then slews slightly clockwise but then goes back anticlockwise past the object. In order to press the required button to return the object to the centre I need to go through almost 360 degrees. I wasn’t sure whether this was what was meant to happen so I went out and tried to align the telescope and it appears to get roughly correct vertically but the telescope rotates roundand around anticlockwise without stopping (for at least 4 revolutions). I suspect this has something to do with the drives assuming that the almost 360 degrees I needed to rotate during training corresponded to the few degrees that the autostar thought it needed to rotate so if autostar wants to rotate the teslescope a few degrees it will run the motor for much longer that needed. I tried the reset-calibrate-train process afew times without success.

Any suggestions greatly received!

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I don't think there is a hard stop on the etx-80. I think there's an error/fault somewhere as I cannot train azimuth drive as the automatic motor speed is faster going anticlockwise (left) than clockwise (right). It slews left for a couple of seconds and then a second or so going back to the right, I press the button to move it back to centre. It then slews left for a couple of seconds (very slowly) and then right for a second (much faster) meaning it overshoots the target so I can't use the control to get it back centre (unless I go all the way around which puts the alignment out). It's as if it doesn't realise how fast it is slewing to the left.

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