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Whats going on guys, I brought my scope on the 31st Jan and we have not had 1 night where I can use it (Derbyshire)! Is it time to move? anyway we have blue skies, im off work, tonight could be the night!.......... could it! :)

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"I brought my scope"

there is your problem :) looks clear for tonight tho i have had a new ep kit for 2 weeks without a clear night. and tonight/today is the misses birthday so we are going out :p

gl for tonight star

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We are in Derbyshire and had good viewing last night, Friday last, Wednesday last and Tuesday last when we got our scope!! We must be above the clouds here as our house is over 1200ft !

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Derby city (or there abouts) has been cloudy most nights since beginning of Jan. I've had one full inght, and three nights with an hour or two max. Last night was good in patches, tonight though ....

promises to be the best night in weeks. No cloud forecast from 18:00 till 03:00 :)

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