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Hello From South Wales.


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Hi all, firslty let me just say I am a complete amature who is struggling against a mamoth learning curve. I got my 1st Scope (a Celeston 130 eq with the standard 25mm and 10mm eye pieces. Also got a Moon Filter and a x2 Barlow.) Oh and a Phillips Planisphere.

I have only had one session so far and have observed Pleiades (i Think, too many stars to know for sure) and M42 (which was impressive) Jupiter is just a shaky white dot atm but not used my Barlow on it yet. The Moon, well its an amazing object that i could watch for hours!.

I have not attempted to polar align yet but i will attemt it on my next session. I have been using The Star Walk Iphone app to navigate which is amazing cant recommend it enough!!

I have found this forum to be an amazing resourse so far. Evertime i google a question it always links here.

In keeping with tradition i have owned my scope for 3 weeks and am already suffering with serious kit envy!!

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Hi Mate, Thanks for the nice wecome. Due to my location in a valley Saturn has alluded me so far thanks to a tree line and mountain (i thinks its visable from about midnight onwards for me atm but cant wait to get a glimpse).

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hi and welcome ,i would not be to bothered what every one else has,because that could ruin the bank account lol,stick with what ya have i to love pleides and usally have a look at m42 and try and see what new things a can pick out

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Hi and welcome Taffia. My dad was from the Rhondda valley. Reminds me, I should visit my relatives!! Saturn will amaze you when you see it. Hope you get plenty of clear skies! :)

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