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Problems with Registax

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I was introduced to Registax by this forum about a month ago. For some reason, I was able to use it once without too many hassles (I just had to figure out that the program didn't recognize HD files). Using an old video camera, the video took and I was able to alter the image. :)

Today, I tried it again (using my old camera once more) to no avail. None of my video files would be recognized. I used a different program to alter the AVI files hoping that subtle changes would make ALL the difference.

:) NOTHING. :p

It's as if my video files didn't exist. At this point I am ready to throw all cameras out the window. I should stick to just viewing the stars and leave the picture taking to others that can decipher the technical chaos. :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Alright, I realize that I didn't give much information in the above request for help. I am using RegiStax 5.1. The camera I am using is a small cyber-Shot Sony. The video files were captured in MOV and it's size is 42.8 MB (44,886,919 bytes).

I read on another post that virtualDub can be used but how exactly?

Does this extra information help?


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Do you need to convert from MOV to AVI?

Also registax 6 will be released soon, maybe that will deal with the different files. You can email the registax folk, thier email address comes up when you boot registax, they answered me very quickly last night...

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You may have to uninstall Registax and then download it again, I had trouble with it crashing the first download I had. But since then it (generally) works fine now.

Incidently, the V.6 is redesigned to be netbook friendly, a problem I've had on my netbook is not being able to reach some of the wavelet sliders. They say this should be addressed, even for my mointor (1024 x 600).

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