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Skymax 127 Power, CCD, Dew & Carrybag to?

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Just a few extra questions on the 127. So far, I think it may best suit my starting requirements. Easy to transport with car full of passengers, occasional dark site, mostly inner city street light pollution, something fairly maintenance free, something easyish to set up and pack away, something to help get me to objects as I learn the ropes and something that will be able to be used by the kids.

The 6/ 8" Newts are great but, I just get the feeling they are too big for us just now - but great scopes.

Refractors - many advantages apart from ca. Still, I like the look of the 120 Evostar but am a bit put of EQ mounts - the thought of battling the thing to set it up and get something in view with impatient kids champing at the bit - just no.

I have some info on the 127, and although not ideal, I don't have the cash for a bigger mak or apo - nice if I did. Could save for an age, but kinda want to get started sooner than later.

1) Power supplies - Tried looking at Aldi website (and Maplins too) - could not see the type of power that is needed - help appreciated.

2) Dew - don't know how much dew will be a problem and how to deal with it (don't wipe it away I think). Mate at work mentioned a camping mat cut to strips to put around business end of scope?

3) What can I get to carry the scope safely. Can't seem to find a carry case for protection.

4) In the future, I may want to dabble in some photos with it - nothing fancy - Would a Meade Deep Sky Imager 2 be ok - too much or is there a better & cheaper option.

5) I suppose, does my scope choice make sense?:p Or should I be thinking along other lines? Choosing a 1st scope feels like standing beside this smilie :)

Thanks group

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1) I couldn't find power supply on FLO website but I found this Power Supplies for your Telescope from Green Witch

2) DEW is always a problem for most people, You can get a DEW cover. Camping matt does help. Check out this link http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/99727-telrad-frost-dew-cover.html

3) You could try get a flight case from maplin and it has foam in ( Not sure if it will fit your telescope ) someone will confirm.

4) Philips SPC880NC webcam from Cheap Philips SPC880 webcam - 49269 - discounts & offers

You would need filter and adaptor. This webcam is very very very popular amongst stargazerslounge.com plus it's very cheap.

5) no comment :)


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