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And Finally, please do not have nightmares


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Wonders of the Universe, part 1. Just watched it.

Was as usual a very good show, but can't help feeling that it puts a right downer on life to average Joe / Jane Bloggs.

He really needs to lighten up a bit, all doom and gloom :)

No worries, the universe WILL end and you WILL all die :p

Although, he does explain things very very well.

Looking forward to the next one on series link :)

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I'm sure the human species will have disappeared long before even our own star begins to turn red. That will be a few billion years before the whole universe has been reduced to irradiated sand, so not much point in worrying about it . Coxy will redeem himself next time, when he shows us more of the pretty stuff :).


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I started daydreaming half way through when he started playing with the sand

That was the best bit!

The explanation of entropy and of why time cannot exist without matter was the whole point of the show! (for me) He just didn't connect up the dots well enough as to why it was important.

How can time not exist prior to the creation of the universe? He just told you, but didn't tell you that he just told you.

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