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Hello from Shropshire!


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Just a brief intro and hello to everyone.

After many years of interest in astronomy I have finally purchased my first telescope. It is a Celestron Nexstar 6se. I have had the telescope for 3 weeks now and have only had one good clear night, but what a fantastic first night that was!

Please be kind to me as I am a complete novice! :)



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Welcome to SGL! Not been clear for a while for me either, but we've got clear skies tomorrow and Tuesday in north Kent (fingers crossed) so we can finally get some astronomy in, and put our expensive room cluttering devices to use! :)

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Hey, thanks again for all the welcomes :)

OK well i've had the telescope out for my second night and results have been a bit hit and miss. I did the skyalign and it seemed to work fine, tracked fine to the andromeda galaxy first time (wow!) then to orion nebula (wow again!), however when I then tried to track to pleiades it just slewed mid speed up and left and wouldnt stop so I had to manually cancel the tracking?

I turned the goto off and on, did the skyalign procedure again, found the orion nebula first time, then tried tracking to another object and again it slewed up and left and wouldnt stop...same again third time!

Is anybody aware of this problem? Unfortunately I can't do any more gazing tonight but maybe a factory reset tomorrow night will help?

Also, when I first looked at the andromeda galaxy an object moved fast through the field of view, it had no tail and was fairly bright. any ideas what this could be? a satellite??

Anyway big thanks again :p


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Hi Matt and welcome to the forum.

I have no experience of your scope but you could always post the same question over on the the equipment help section to see if someone can help.

Clear skies


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