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EQ3-2 tripod leg brackets broken


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Hi folks,

Just discovered that my skywatcher EQ3-2 tripod leg brackets (the bits that you loosen tighten the screw to adj the leg's) are starting to split apart where the rivets go through.

Has anyone had this happen before? I have always been concious of over tightening the screws beings the brackets are a weak looking plastic design, guess I was right :)

Wonder if skywatcher could supply me with new ones? has anyone dealt directly with skywatcher over a similar problem?


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Happened to me before, and it's not uncommon!

You can fix with jubilee clips or 'U' bolts (the sort used to attach TV aerials to masts). Both are readily available from DIY shops and are, IMHO, much better than the original system!

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How old is the mount ?

Good question......Its 2nd hand. If it is old then it has been very well looked after. It had not a mark on it when I recieved it.

It happend friday night when it was really cold, frost developing on the legs etc, so I wonder if the plastics just went brittle and cracked under tension.

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Hi Stan26 just found this thread i have just broken my bracket,it's only six weeks old and have been told by my dealer that i will have to pay for a new leg absolute disgrace, hopefully the glue works, all the best.

Hi thunderchild, Yep I contacted OVL (uk skywatcher importer) and got the same answer.

The super glue seem's to be holding up ok after 2 nights of use, moving the mount around adjusting height etc, so fingers crossed....


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Hi Moonshane, did you make the tripod yourself it's really nice but could you tel me were you got the clamp brackets from,many thanks

ignore me, i have just read your link. I should learn to look first ask question after.

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