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Astro music?


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Off the top of my head..

No UFO's - Model 500

Yes UFO's - Beautyon

Crab Nebula - Bitstream

De-Orbit - Speedy J

Apollo soundtrack - Brian Eno

Space Mutant - Depth Charge

Adventures beyond the ultraworld - The Orb


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Moonlighting Al Jarreu

Not stars but appropriate cloudbusting Kate Bush

Don't let the sun go down on me Various artists

Galaxy Paridise Stevie Wonder

La Luna Che non c'e Andrea bocelli

Sirius Clannad

Stargazer Palloma Faith

Worlds keep spinning Brand new heavies

I have so much rubbish on my ipod now Ive just trawled through it


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For fans of the Elite Computer Games:

Mussorgsky - Night on the bald mountain (Pure class) :)

The David Lowe version was Night on the Bare Mountain

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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the rather awesome Vangelis and his theme, "Alpha" as written for the Cosmos television series.

And his album Albedo 0.39

I'm shocked that no-one's mentioned Suzanne Vega :)

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Deep Purple, Space truckin':

"We had a lot of luck on Venus

We always had a ball on Mars

Meeting all the groovey people

We've rocked the Milky Way so far

We danced around with Borealice

We're space truckin' round the the stars

Come on let's go Space Truckin'"

...sing along now...

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You guys have forgotten the all-time classic "Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael. This dates from 1927 and has been recorded by more than 1,800 bands and singers -Sinatra, Rod Stewart and .... Ringo Starr to name but a few. The opening lines were definitely written for astronomers:-

Sometimes I wonder why I spend

The lonely nights dreaming .... of clear skies (well... ok, I added that last bit)

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Stardust - Ian Brown

My star - Ian Brown

Superstar - Ian Brown

Solarized - Ian Brown

See the dawn - Ian Brown

Your star will shine - Stone roses

Daybreak - Stone roses

Poles apart - Pink floyd

Starman - David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

Space oddity - David Bowie

New dawn - Lovesky

Out of space - The prodigy

Hyperspeed - The prodigy

Stillness in time - Jamirouquai

Light years - Jamirouquai

Mr Moon - Jamirouquai

Space Cowboy - Jamirouquai

Day and night - Kid Kudi

Lucky Star - Madonna

Kelly watch the stars - AIR

New star in the sky - AIR

Star 69 - REM

The planets bend between us - Snow patrol

Another girl, another planet - The only ones

Girl from Mars - Ash

Bright red star - Steriophonics

Champagne supernova - Oasis

Stella? - Jam and spoon

Bad light - Carl cox

Gettin a bit vague now but brought me nicely up to 4:55pm (end of work):)

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The poster above missed out "Cosmic Girl" from the Jamiroquai list. That was the first one I though of.

Cygnus X-1 - Rush

MC Hawking - The Big Bizang (amazing)

The Joe Satriani album Is There Love in Space?

Joe Satriani - Surfin' with the Alien

Joe Satriani - Redshift Riders

Devin Townsend - Hyperdrive (The whole Ziltoid The Omniscient album is about an evil space emperor)

One of my fave songs, from my fave band. Solo's awesome.

Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon

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The House of the Rising Sun....! - The Animals

Lucy in the sky with diamonds/ Here comes the Sun - The Beetles

Fade away & radiate - Blondie

The whole of the moon - The Waterboys

Basic Space/ Stars/ Infinity/ Night Time - The XX

Night of the Hunter - 30 seconds to Mars

Darkest place - Plan B

Starstrukk - 3OH!3

and ... Obscured by cloud - Pink Floyd

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Genesis - Watcher of the skies

"Watcher of the skies watcher of all

His is world alone no world is his own,

He whom life can no longer surprise,

Raising his eyes beholds a planet unknown."

One for the Campaign for Dark Skies ... Genesis - Keep It Dark

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Okay, just warming to this now, from my ipod....

Pink Floyd - Great Gig in the Sky

Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen

Blondie - Fade away and Radiate (okay, pushing it a little)

R.E.M - Star Me Kitten

R.E.M - Man on the Moon

Billie Holiday - Where is the Sun

The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon

Nora Jones - Shoot the Moon

Sinatra - In the wee small hours of the morning....

The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet.

Bjork - Venus as a boy

Pink Floyd - Eclipse

? - Blue Moon

Motorhead - Capricorn

The Cult - Star

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

Jean Michelle-Jarre - Equinox

John Coltrane - Equinox

Sleep Walker - Into the Sun

Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds(?)

Miles Davis - Orbits

Beethoven - Ein kliene Nachtmusik

Lack of Afro - Suspicious Glow ....try averted vision....

Dvorak - Song to the Moon

Genesis (again!) - Illegal Alien

Miles Davis - Solar

Herbie Hancock - Sister Moon

Lack of Afro - When the Sun goes Down

U2 - Satellite of Love

Susanne Vega

Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone from the sun

Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathoustra (just because, for me, this is always associated with rockets taking off)

Fila Brazilla - Soft Music Under Stars

And what usually forces a close to my sessions -

Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost ;-)

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