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Better late than never


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Thanks to the weather, etc this is my first image of any kind since December 12th!

Taken with the Morgan Philips webcam (bought in October and only used twice since then) PST and 2 x Barlow.

Need a bit more practice on the focussing and post-processing but we are still very much at the learning stage.



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Practice is the problem. The Sun has hardly been visible during the winter and even when you see it, it is usually behind a building or somesuch.

We will of course have a glorious summer and I will have lots of chances to practice my solar imaging technique:D.

Not sure if my venerable Toucam is not a better match for the PST as it seemed to get better focus when I tried it what seems like months ago now.

It has been suggested that the prism inside the scope might need re-aligning. I must take a look - but carefully.

Not so much joy with the night time stuff. Twice in the last week I have set everything up only to be greeted by orange skies when I went out later intending to have a go at Saturn.

Such is the lot of the amateur astronomer I guess.


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Hi Geoff,

I've recently had the shifting prism issue with a PST CaK. After some research, it seems this is 'common' and Meade will fix it IF the housing has not been opened. Of course I read this after I opened it and it is so far out of warranty it hadn't crossed my mind. Essentially the prism is held with a black on either side, one side running along a track and the other has a velcro pad to slide along the housing. The prism is held with a silicone glue I think and seems to 'droop'. The prism on mine had severely rotated from parallel and required 'twisting' it back to parallel. I did remove the whole mechanism to see how it was assembled first (since it was open) which is remarkably simple. If you are sure the prism has shifted, and the PST is newer, best to get Meade to adjust correctly. But it is possible to DIY if you are not concerned about the warranty.



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I did open the housing and took a picture (see attached) but from what I can tell it is only very slightly out of alignment so I am tempted to leave it alone.

I may have a word with Telescope House about it but obviously as I had to open it to examine it they may not help me. I've not had the scope a long time (less than a year) so who knows. I still think that getting the various cameras to focus is more of a problem. Thanks to our wonderful weather opportunities to really spend time solar imaging have been severely limited.



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