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New eyepiece

paul mc c

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Need a little advice on purchasing an eyepiece,i am after a 6mm to 9mm.Iwill be using it with a 12'' f5 dob my main ep's i use are a Meade 20mm swa and a 12mm bst,price range up to 100 pounds,hopefully a used one,any help would be great.

Many thanks Paul

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Any other options or opinions on an eyepiece purchase,hope to get one that will be with me for a long time.


Look out for a used 8mm Tele Vue Radian. It will be top end of your budget but it's the sort of eyepiece you could be happy with for a long time.

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The TMB and TS EPs are the same.

I find the TMB, despite being very good for its price, shows a lot of scatter.

This is a shame, as the 9mm/60* combo is near perfect for lots of things in all of my scopes!

If your budget can stretch to it a 9mm Nagler is an excellent choice for a Newt or Cass.

The Vixen / Orion NLV and LVW are reputedly very good, but I don't have 1st-hand experience with them.

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Hi Paul

You have a nice size scope there it's certainly worth you investing in some quality eyepieces.

My vote would be for the 8mm Radian too, or as stated by LMC, if you can wait and save a bit more, the 9mm Nagler would work very well indeed.

Regards Steve

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