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kris h

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The Thin Blue Line

Saw this today looking through S@N mag two guys called alex baker & chris rose sent a weather balloon into atmosphere late december on board were 2 video cameras one pointing down one to the side continuously filming here's the link for the vid

sorry in advance if the link doesn't work :)

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Hi Chris, your link was fine :) what a great film, loved it,for such a small layout as well! I am glad they got it back, as they said it was the only way they would be able to prove it :p

thanks for posting :(

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Didn't a couple of Spanish students do the same thing about a year ago?

It supposedly cost them under $500, significantly undercutting NASA and the ESA.

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Really was a great experiment im amazed at how high it gets

they said estimated max altitude was 37 kilometres

how high does earths atmosphere go near the end of the vid

it looks like it hasn't got far to go to be in space .

Loved the music aswell already downloaded

Ludovico Einaudi Divenire :)

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