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Hi Newbie here.


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Hi. I have been purposely putting astronomy aside untill I retire. I live in the south of Ireland and will be seeking advise in setting up an observatory in my loft. Loads to learn and I cant wait. :)



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Hi Wayland,

Welcome to SGL, recently got into this myself plenty of very friendly helpful advise on these forums:) Like you this was another of my retirement to do hobbies but I realised a few years ago when I took up flying radio control helicopters that some things are best started whilst the grey cells still adequately function:D:D:D And anyway as the saying goes (I think) why put off til tomorrow something you can do today:icon_salut:

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Hi Wayland and welcome to the forum.

As already mentioned by BAZ Senior above, observing outwards from rising thermals from within a warm attic will produce poor viewing conditions. The only way it could work would be if you could isolate that space from the rest of the house which would be very difficult given that you'll want the opportunity to observe in 360 degrees.

Clear skies in the meantime.


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