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Hi everyone, I was having trouble getting my DSLR to focus with my scope without the use of a barlow and need an extension tube. However the cheapest extension tube I can seem to find online is about £16 and I think that's quite extortionate for what it is! (essentially)

Does anyone have any advice on how they may have overcome this, either by DIY or other means?



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I bought one of those tubes for about that amount of money. I figured it was cheap to enable my SLR to reach focus, and keep it mounted sturdily and securely in the focuser, especially compared to the cost of the SLR, scope and mount.

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Not tried it myself but some people have removed the optics from an old Barlow lens to create an extension tube.

The extension tubes do feel a little bit pricey but on the other hand I guess there's not the mass demand to help bring down the price?

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Yep I was thinking something along the lines of this with my barlow however I'm finding it really tricky getting the lens out of it.

Another silly reason why I didn't want to buy this online was that I was hoping to get some photography done this weekend and I'm such an impatient little child about these things sometimes :)

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