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EP's and diagonal for Meade 127APO?

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Hi all

I may be picking up a Meade 5000 series 127 Apo soon and, although it's main use will be for DSO imaging, I want to do some observing with it first.

I'm afraid, although I've been soaking up info on equipment for astrophotography the last couple of months since joining the forums, the whole EP thing has passed me by so I have NO clue what I might need.

Obviously this is a lovely scope with beautiful optics so I don't want to stick a cheap nasty eye piece on it and be dissapointed... but I am also on a tight budget for the observing equipment having blown it all on imaging gear :-)

I would love to do some DSO observing so I guess I'll need an eyepiece with a fairly wide FOV for that, but also would like to see Saturn as it comes up the next few months so I guess I need something higher magnification too for planetary work.

Can anyone recomend a good diagonal and maybe two or three EPs I could pick up that would fit the 127 and wouldnt break the bank to cover my initial steps into observing?

Thanks all!!!


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Grab a 2" dielectric diagonal (william Optics or clone). And I dont think you can go to wrong with Meade 5000 EP's or even Explorer Scientific 82degree range

I would say grab a 10mm & 20mm (or as near as) and 2x Orion shorty Plus apo barlow all in the 1.25 range

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