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Time change abandoned

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It was never going to happen anyway , it would of needed the Irish and more importantly the Scottish assemblies to ratify it.

Zacktly. It was dead from the start.


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I'm glad, it's a huge waste of money and effort

Not to mention staying up even later around the summer months to get any chance of darkness

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This beast keeps raising it's ugly head......let's hope we have seen the back of it for good.


For the next 10 years anyway :)

Then some bright spark will have a brain wave.

The concept would have never gotten off the ground as too many of the public were against it (and gov knew this).

But either way i'm glad it's been scrapped, next step get rid of daylight saving.

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next step get rid of daylight saving./QUOTE]

Absolutely! I hate this twice-a-year clock change. If people want more useable daylight, what's wrong with getting up earlier? Playing games with the clock doesn't make the day any longer.


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next step get rid of daylight saving.

Get's my thumbs up. Over complication of time zones is not what we need in an ever increasingly complicated world!! (oh and the benefit of dark skies earlier in summer :) )

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I think that most governments secretly release this type of major change into the public domain and wait to see what reaction the public gives. If the public shout it down they quietly bin it or say it was only under consideration to avoid losing too many votes.

They have zero interest in the public opinion only in the effect anything they do will have on votes.

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