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EPs for SW 100ED

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I've moved this post from the Beginners section as not receiving much joy in receiving some much needed advice....

I've finally decided on the SW 100ED on a EQ3-2 mount and will be used for visual use only.

The scope comes with...

Eyepiece Supplied (2"): 28mm LES

2”/50.8mm Di-Electric Star Diagonal

Even from reading the sticky on EPs I'm still a little stuck on what additional EPs to get with the purchase. I was looking for to cover low, medium and high power so wanted to add just the 2 EPs to complement the supplied 2" 28mm.

Also not sure if I need to purchase a "1.25 adaptor so I can use "1.25 EPs, does the supplied kit allow "1.25 EPs anyway? or should I stick to "2 EPs anyway? but there does'nt seem to be any less than 20mm.

Any recommendations would be appreciated, especially EP set-ups of 100ED owners.


oh and the EQ3-2 mount, after a previous post I was being advised either EQ3 or EQ5 and after much thought I'm assuming an EQ3-2 would be fine just for this scope and visual use... still open to advice though on this!

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As the scope is an F/9, eyepieces of about 5 or 6mm for times of excellent seeing and highest magnification would be OK, 9mm for planetary and lunar viewing, about 15-20mm for smaller DSOs (will probably be your workhorse) and about 40mm-45mm for the widest fields is a good set-up. Given you have 28mm, you could use that as the wide-field for the time being, and get, e.g. a 15mm and an 8mm (TMB Planetary for instance). Because your scope is not particularly fast, you need not go for the highest quality EPs.

1.25" EPs can be used without problems with a 2" focuser, and I would be surprised if an adapter is not included.

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I have the SW ED100 (on an EQ 5 mount). You don't need a 1.25" adaptor - the diagonal comes with one.

You will probably want a 5 or 6mm eyepiece for planetary (giving 180x and 150x respectively). Given conditions in the UK I would probably go for the lower magnification.

You can also go for something in the 11-15mm range for medium power (or you could Barlow the 28mm - which is pretty decent - but you'd need a 2" Barlow)

Assuming you don't want to spend megabucks I can personally recommend the TMB planetary HR from http://www.modernastronomy.com/eyepieces.html modern astronomy.

A lot of people on this forum are very complimentary about the BST explorers from http://www.skysthelimit.org.uk/telescope%20eyepieces.html skies the limit - they also do a version of the TMB. I've never tried either personally, though.

If you have more money to spend then, of course, Televue and Pentax are superb (Televues are all on special offer at the moment - but still pricey). In any case, the longer focal length of your scope means that you shouldn't have to buy top-of-the-range eyepieces to get great results

If I had the choice of one eyepiece it would be the Pentax XF 8.5mm. A superb eyepiece for sensible money and covers a wide range of uses in your telescope.


Edit: crossed in the post with Michael above, but seem to concur on most things.

Edited by West End Wendy
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An EQ3 will be fine for visual.. more so if its the steel leg version. I've tried this very setup myself.

EP wise.. well its down to how much you want to part with really. I would suggest a WA ep like the BST Explorer.. the meade 5000 range or Explorer Scientific 82 degree range also.

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great advice, thanks very much

I'm going for a 5.5mm Meade Series 5000 Super Plossl as these are reduced price. I know this is prob a very daft question but if this will be my planetary EP and 1.25" that means a moon filter should be for this EP and 1.25" too?

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