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Possibilty of Clear Skies


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It was a shame, scope was working beautifully but I mis judged where saturn was going to be because I was somewhere unfamiliar. Probably should have set up in a different place.

Glad you got some good views of saturn

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Just mananged to get back online after clearing a virus and spyware off my computer, just to warn people the only place this would have come from is either downloading of registrax or the other programme i was recommened.

Just thought i should forwarn everyone.

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It was a program called Spy-ware that downloaded, it blocked McAfee from running scans and just genereally pops up trying to sell you stuff and causes irritation.

I have managed to remove it but every now and again i get a webpage open asking me if i want to run a program called odbe.cz.cc

Im not 100% it was downloaded with registrax or castrator but as i havent downloaded anything else im unsure what it could be. I did suspect facebook for a while as it started poping up whilst my wife was using it.

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