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Imaging help please!!

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Hi guys (and gals)

i have recently been taking pictures with a low-mid price digi cam held against the eyepiece for some fairly satisfactory shots (moon especially) however, i got the skywatcher 200pds for a reason - i really want to get into astrophotograpy and with my last post i followed up everyones advice and brought the philips webcam from morgancomputers with an eyepiece adapter.

i probably wont get to use it for a while now because im due surgery anytime soon but i was wondering how to go about setting it all up and what programs people use to process the images etc!

if you have any advice please go into as much detail as you can - treat me as an idiot if you will - i know to get into this properly is going to take time and commitment and the vast majority of the time i am stargazing alone (not great for me with knackered spine!) but i also asked if there was any programs i could use to enhance the pics i had already taken with my digi cam - so i downloaded GIMP, it looks a good program and i have had a fiddle but it seems way too complicated for me atm!!

im sorry to ask for so much help but i am pretty much alone when it comes to doing this - i dont have any help and havent found any other astronomers in my area who might be able to lend me a hand! so any and all the help/tips i receive are very much appreciated!!

thanks again everyone!!



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