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Collimating a Skywatcher laser?

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You should be able to scrape the "gunge" out carefully with the tip of a small screwdriver or compass point. Then you can collimate the laser. Check it is not OK first - it may well be!

You may find that more can be gained by concentrating on getting a good fit between the laser body and the focusser - there is often a lot of "play" - the laser needs to be centrally placed and not able to move around!

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Cheers Biz, I have just purchased a self centering holder which has now led me to question the laser's collimation as the beam hits the primary in a different place each time I insert. I must look for the DIY laser collimating thread....someone knocked nails into a V shape to hold the laser I remember?

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All you need is a "V" block and a distant wall. You can make a proper "V" block out of a couple of tubes laid side by side (two baked bean cans?) - the collimator lying in the "groove" on top. Just carefully rotate the collimator and set it up so the laser spot on a distant wall (say 10m away) doesn't move.

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