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Favourite "space" movies, whats yours?

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Hmm was that the one where the Earthman ends up living in cave next to pools/smokng rocks. He finds a native tries to teach him English but ends up learning Martian - I think the first word he learnt was 'rock' ?

If not, whichever one it was .. delightfully naive! Even back in the 80s when I first saw it, it put a smile on my face :p

I think you saw a different 'Red Planet Mars' to the one I saw:

(a spot of googling later....)

Red Planet Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perhaps you are thinking of Adam West (Batman) in Robinson Crusoe on Mars??

Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Which is far more akin to the usual sci-fi dross of that era.

The Red Planet Mars, I watched during a season of classic B&W films that were shown on Channel 4 in the late 80s/early 90s on Saturday nights after 'the hit man and her' (OMG!). The series included 'Eraserhead' amongst others and one brilliant one shot in bombed out Berlin, the name of which escapes me. As we were skint in those days, we'd have some mushroom coffee (it wasn't illegal then) and stay in watching these great movies. A word of warning though, DON'T watch Eraserhead on mushrooms... :).

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Where do I start....so many.....in no particular order....

Star Wars but I can't watch Jaja Binks, it hurts jut typing it. Star wars kid is also particularly amusing.

Star Trek


Silent Running

Forbidden Planet

Battlestar Galactica

Space 1999 - should be a film!

Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers in B&W, c'mon Ming was 'evil'

The day the Earth stood still

Thunderbirds - OK TB5 is technically in space.

Fireball XL5 - home Robbie home!

I could fill the screen !

For the life of me I can't undersyand why Larry Niven's Rngworld book hasn't been made into a film. Also any of the Iain M Banks culture novels must be candidates. Or Enders game by Orson Scott Card...these would all make awesome films if dome properly.

Come on James Cameron get yer wallet out !

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Star Wars movies - League of their own

Contact - (Jody Foster, awesome acting as always, and... got to see Vega close up :-p)

Total Recall (because I like the concept)


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The remake is due this year I believe

Not a remake, but a prequel - based in the Norwegians camp - and they are not going too heavy on the CGI - opting for more pratical effects akin to the original (incredibly gory but oh so great) film - I believe it chronicles the events leading upto the first film where they discover the Sapcecraft under the ice - ending with a certain dog being chased down by a helicopter.

An Alien `prequel` as well is also in the works with original director Ridley Scott at the helm.

Another one to keep an eye out for is Apollo 18 - kind of like `Blair Witch` or `Paranormal Activity` on the moon. Another one of this genre (the found footage genre) that may be of interest is called "Roswell", - I daresay the title is pretty self explanatory.

However if you like your Alien invasion kind of films, then by all accounts Battle:LA is getting some great early reviews - think `Black Hawk Down` but in LA with Aliens. :-) Thats out in the next few weeks I believe.

Can`t believe no one has mentioned "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - thats a great film.

Yes, I`m a film nerd!

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My favourite space film, and possibly my favourite film of all is "Sunshine". It's utter nonsense, but the atmosphere of the film is utterly compelling. Shame about the third act though.

I also rather like Outland, Mission to Mars and Forbidden Planet for much the same reasons.


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Solaris - the original, naturally, not the remake

Sunshine - love this in spite of it going a bit mental 2/3 way through. I have part of Surface of the Sun as my ringtone

2001 - nuff said

Moon - great little low budget number

Silent Running

Star Wars

Starship Troopers - yes, I know, but I like it all the same

EDIT - Can't believe I missed out WALL-E!

One book that I'd love to see adapted is The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. Such a classic.

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... Perhaps you are thinking of Adam West (Batman) in Robinson Crusoe on Mars??


That's the one! Utter utter tosh .. but I watched it all .. dumbstruck with .. well not awe. For some reason the language learning scene stuck in my head but I never remembered the name or anything else. I *would* watch again just to see if it had the same effect!

Oh and Wall-E - very good call.

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I agree with most of the ones already mentioned, especially 2001, but here are some of my favourites:

Close Encounters.

The Hitchhikers Guide, not as good as the original series but still enjoyable.

The Quiet Earth, only vaguely spacey at the end I guess.

Flash Gordon, good cheesy fun!

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I can't believe no-one's said Flight Of The Navigator... or Explorers. Space films where the only good thing to come out of the 80's :p

Look closer.. My post on the first page has the explorers! I was born in '78, how could it not?!

I am a bit miffed that I forgot flight of the navigator though :)

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Recently I have seen – Pandorium, and to be honest, it was quite good.

Love Aliens (have seen it when I was 7 and for few months I couldnt go to dark rooms alone ), 2001, 2010, but cant stand Star Wars and Star Trek

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Can I just say, Im a bit shocked at how many people watched Alien when they were 7.. Yep, so did I, my Dad let me watch 10 minutes every morning before school, and I still couldn't sleep properly for weeks (But I was smart enough not to let him know!) :)

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For me it's:

Alien, Aliens

Anything Stargate

Star Trek

Star Wars 4, 5 & 6

Sunshine :)

Apollo 13

Saturn 3 (Farrah Fawcett)

Battlestar Galactica Reboot (Six obviously....)

Star Fleet (X-Bomber & Dai-X (grew up on this one) :(

The Last Star Fighter

Quite keen on The Clone Wars cartoons now too :p

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