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Favourite "space" movies, whats yours?


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Armageddon outta here! It's dreadful.

There have been surprisingly few genuine space movies made. Lots of ripping adventure / action yarns with space settings though.


2001 - A Space Odyssey

Destination Moon

and of course Apollo 13.

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Film thread, love it :p

many great posts already mentioning some fantastic movies,

Dune, Serenity, Dark Star, 2001, Forbidden Planet, Star Wars, Star Trek :(

A real gem, Silent Running, from the 50's, This Island Earth (1955) and The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957),ok it doen't really count but as I seen it in with This Island Earth I just bunged it in.

they don't make em like that anymore :)

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i recently enjoyed District 9 and pretty much all the films listed are in my favourites list

but if its space films then sorry guys ...im a trekky at heart lol Star Trek The search for spock (plus the other dozen films)

oooh also a film/programme called Impact it was a short tv series about a rogue asteroid that hit the moon and knocked it out of its orbit.... i got it in one length film (about 3 hours)...really good film

Impact (TV mini-series 2008) - IMDb

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Too many to choose from but a few of my personal favourites would be:



Silent Running

Morons from Outer Space (only joking - it's awful :) )

Mission to Mars

Sleeper (Sci Fi but not space)

The Right Stuff (Sci Fact of course, sort of)

Apollo 13

Star Wars - the 1st 3



I must pack a few for SGL6 in case of rain :p

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Journey to the far side of the sun.

Silent Running

Space 1999

V (80's TV Version)

The Last Starfighter

Mission to Mars

Red Planet



Close Encounters of the third kind


Battlestar Galactica (70's Version)

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Solaris (more because of the book)


The Black Hole

Forbidden Planet (just outstanding)

and to my deep shame ... Evolution

Just can't watch Star Wars / Star Trek etc anymore - I think I struggle to suspend my disbelief without an element of dystopia


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An excellent film I saw once, "The Red Planet Mars". I'd like to see it again, just to see if it's a gripping as I remember.

Hmm was that the one where the Earthman ends up living in cave next to pools/smokng rocks. He finds a native tries to teach him English but ends up learning Martian - I think the first word he learnt was 'rock' ?

If not, whichever one it was .. delightfully naive! Even back in the 80s when I first saw it, it put a smile on my face :)

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Has to be Bladerunner for me and none of you guys have mentioned....


Great film that could have been a REAL CLASSIC if not for the dodgy 3rd act where Freddy Kruegger (sp?) turns up. Apart from that - stunning!

EDIT: Ooops...just seen someone mention Sunshone above (apologies!)

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