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First Dewing Problem

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Was out last night with my son and we were enjoying the sites, when my son asks, "dad, is it me or is M42 really faint now". I looked through the ep and thought..mmm.. looked at the main mirror, it was like looking at your mirror in your bathroom after you have had a shower. I immediately went in and got the wife's hair dryer and gently gave it a quick blast. This did clear it and we were back in business. Are there any do's and don't's when it come to this method. The air last night did seem to contain a lot of moisture because the laptop screen had also got dew on it. I take it investing in a dew controller of some kind is needed. Is there a specific make for my scope below or are they universal.


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A Dew shield is always good too if you dont have one. I couldn't be bothered to put it on last night and ended up with from outside in clear glass band of dew clear glass. I put on the shield and wacked up the dew strip and it cleared in no time :)

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Hi Marcus, I would say a dew shield is an essential item for your scope, I had the same one for a while, my 1st, I used the Astrozap heated dew shield and bought the 4 way o/p controller, made a huge difference to my observing sessions.The scope has gone and the dew shield with it but I bought another one for my 925 they do work really well.

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stolenfeather;1722757]A dew shield? I have major condensation issues in the north. Maybe I will look more closely at this.


I am sure it will help if you do use one Isabelle, more time to stay out enjoying the views! :)

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You can avoid dew with a dew shield which i would say is essential, and also you can get heated dew taps/scrape’s that you can rap around your scope near the lens/correction plate which will provide a constant temperature just above the temperature that the dew is forming on the len’s.

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