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Newbie Needing Telescope Advice!

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Hi Everyone! I think I am going to get the SkyWatcher Explorer 150P EQ3 - 2, as my first telescope after reading so many positive reviews and because I would really like to get into imaging somewhere down the line! I am also getting myself a copy of 'Turn Left At Orion' and I was wondering if there are any other resources I could get that hold of that would help me with learning the technical aspects of using a telescope for the first time as I am very new to this game! Thanks :)

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Another book that people here rave about is called "Making Every Proton Count" im not into imaging so cant say . Definately worth research though searh on here for the name and see what other think

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:) Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm really excited to get out there for the first time once I have found a good deal on the skywatcher 150p as my parents said they will buy me a second hand one for my birthday! I will have to keep my eyes peeled and I will look into that book and other resources!
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Great advice above.. and also I found that above all the best way of learning is to get out and have a play with the kit. Especially if you can get to a local astro society or an friend with similar kit. I learned so much more so quickly by simply being told/shown things from like minded folk :)

Each time you get stuck or wonder how something works, nomatter how silly or small it seems.. get on here and ask away. Were all eager to answer questions :p


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