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DSO imaging- ED80 vs Megrez 72?

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Hi all

Trying to make a final decision on my first dso imaging set-up. I am torn between the SW 80ED DS Pro and the WO Megrez 72?

Will the faster f6 ratio of the Megrez be useful enough to notice with unguided dso imaging?

Is it worth the extra £100 or so to get the Megrez and seperate finder?

Any recomendations on their red dot finders or whether it's worth using a different make of finder?

I'm a sucker for beautifully made products and the WO stuff does look lovely.



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Can't really help you on the scope comparison, but I have a ZS2 80mm which may not be the best for imaging but it is a nice scope.

Re the WO red dot finder, I can say that it is vastly superior to the Ebay cheapos that were flying about a while ago. I find it completely satisfactory.

Also RDF's have the advantage of being able to keep both eyes open.

Just my opinion.


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I ll speak just for myself but I took my finder scope off mine 8" newt and put on cheap red dot finder and I would never go back to finder scope I am still new to astronomy and for me red dot finder is clear winner for finding anything up there :)

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