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ISS and Discovery during spacewalk 02/03/11

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Wow manually tracked, I wish I could get anywhere near as good using the dob. I only tend to get maybe 3 or 4 frames from 1000 with the ISS in it, let alone consecutive!!!

I usually have the frame rate set at 15 fps yet still only one or two frames at the most get something when the ISS passes through the FOV. I also have a hard time trying to get ISS to pass through the crosshairs of the finder and sometimes when it goes through dead centre it misses the chip even though it was aligned beforehand :)

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This is just CRAZY BRILLIANT. By far the best capture of the ISS i have ever seen.

I cant stop looking at it.

Manual tracking?

You should write a book on manual tracking techniques with an Alt-Az mount.

This is just INCREDIBLE.

Congrats to you on a job very very well done.

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Jaw dropping Mel, I am now going to show my whole family :)

I'm going to share this with a couple of hundred people from all corners of the world that i chat with on a daily basis. Many of them have a passing interest in celestial goings on and i like to give them a heads up from time to time about meteor showers etc.

They will LOVE this.

What's NOT to love.

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Wow Ladies and Gents

Thanks for all your comments, astro imaging tends to be a very lonely pastime so it's great to be able to share my images

with you, it's even more enjoyable to see and share in your images, thoughts and idea's.

It's nice here isn't it


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