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ISS and Discovery during spacewalk 02/03/11

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An improvement on my last offering I actually managed to get the ISS on 13 consecutive frames, I've turned this into a short animation loop to try and improve resolution.

It was great to watch the spacewalk on Nasa TV in between capturing the overhead pass, I waved at them but they didn't wave back :)



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That is astonishing :)

What equipment did you you use to get such level of detail? I am guessing your mount is computer controlled to automatically track the satellite as it passes over.

"i Wish" it's all done on an Eztouch Alt Az head FLT110 scope x2 powermate manual tracking. I nearly had a disaster shooting this pass, The head is on a Manfrotto 075 tripod and as the ISS passed overhead I dashed round to the other side of the tripod and caught my trousers on one of the locks undoing it. :p This instantly turned my tripod into a bipod leaving me supporting the weight of the scope whilst still trying to track the ISS. I think the only reason these have come out so well is that I'm shooting at 1600iso with a shutter speed of 1/2000 sec.


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