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second go at widefield...Orion again.3 minute subs.

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After my first go at widefield work last week, and taking note of the good advice I received, here's my second go.

This is 8 x 3 minute subs, aligned and stacked in Maxim.

Taken with a Canon D500 (unmodded), Sigma 24mm lens @ F5.6, piggybacked on my TMB/AP1200.

I quite like this :)

The Rosette, M35, the Flame neb, and, just, the Horsehead are there amongst others, plus some interesting dark nebulae, and M42 of course.

The background was equalised using Gradient Xterminator, and the rest of the processing was basic levels and curves in PS.

It's got noisy through the jpeging and size reduction for displaying on the forum, but the original TIFF is pretty smooth.

26 x 3 minutes of the back end of Leo to process next :p




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Good Stuff... Mr H :)

Quite addictive isnt it .. and a quick way to produce images with the bad year we have had so far...

Pity Cygnus has pretty much disappeared and Cassiopea is badly placed... bet you cant wait for the summer Milky Way... I know I cant...

I can see a few more lenses being tried in the future...


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