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My first ever attempt at Saturn


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The seeing was really bad, focusing was tricky with Saturn just peeping over a low treeline.

I wanted to try last night but the clouds came rolling in just as I went inside to get the spc900 - typical !

Tonight I managed to get a short .avi through the spc900 with standard x2 SW barlow, scope is a Skywatcher 127 MAK.

I used a Windows 7 notebook and SharpCap to capture the .avi. Then it was over to Registax to stack the images. ot sure how the background got to be blue, too much exposure.gain perhaps.

Anyway it's my first ever go at anything with the webcam and I'm sort of pleased with it :)

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Noticed there's a bit of a chromatic aberration (yellow top, blue bottom - not uncommon with my Phillips either). Registax gives you an option to 'RGB Align' in the wavelets stage (see p15 of the manual); just select 'Estimate' and it'll do it for you.


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Thats a great image of saturn! :p I've gotta get out later at night (when the cloud force field clears) and try to see it.

Well done dude! :)

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Thanks for the encouragement !

Geoff thanks for pointing me in the right direction with Registax. I'm slowly learning how to use the various bits of software. I'll have a go at re-stacking and alighning the RGB and see how it turns out.....thanks for the tip !

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