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Skymax 127 on AZ Goto Mount Day 1

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Thought it might interest people to see the images so far - I haven't been focused on imaging properly because of my total inexperience I have been concentrating on the other important things.

Here are three images taken using Prime Focus just to test it all worked. I need to improve a lot (especially focusing) but hey that is what I am doing since I took my first moonshot with a camera and lenses last August. (I am also new to photography!! - May last year).




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The webcam worked perfectly on the Moon following my tests today and I am delighted. I need to try it on planets which are a lot smaller but I had a great experience this evening and one week after I got this scope I have got to the point where I can use the scope and goto mount and image using my equipment.

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Hi i have this telescope, and i have trouble setting it up with the goto, where it asks for the coordination's of the first star which you select, how do you find out what it is? is there a map with them on? sorry i am completely new to all this!

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You can get the starwalk app but it will not connect up to your mount like stellarium will.

It's still a great app for getting an idea of what you are looking at in the night sky. I use it to figure out what I'm looking at all the time.

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Hello!, I would hope someone could help me out, with the connection of this netbook i use and the philips webcam on the telescope...baiscly having a problem getting the software to work with the telescope, I will post some pictures of what is going wrong.., the Stellarium Scope 'connect' button ticks briefly and un-ticks its self, and pressing ctrl + 1 it pops up with a message saying telescope 'not connected' check it is connected properly etc, which as fas as i know it is, i followed your nice guide you posted here, step by step and no joy :)



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You don't actually need StellariumScope to control your scope from Stellarium. There is a plugin built in to Stellarium that just needs enabling and configuring. There are benefits to StellariumScope, but it's easier to set up without.

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Ok you need to do the following :

<useful stuff>

I didn't do all this in quite the order prescribed here, and I'm using CdC rather than Stellarium, but this is a very useful post - thanks very much. I got the netbook to control the SW AZ Goto in minutes.

There's cables everywhere, of course - have astronomy manufacturers never heard of Bluetooth?

Now all I need is clear sky!

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Hi, how did you get on with using the Samsung nx10 versus the webcam? I've got the same telescope and camera and considering using them together.. Which attachment did you use to connect the camera to the Barlow?

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just had my skymax 127 az go to out last night had fun with jupiter but have not got a clue about mount watched a few utube vides they make look so easy need help any one got a link to skywatcher mount tutorials love the scope can believe it says made in china

already looking at a bigger scope

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