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Focal Reducer for Visual

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Hello I have 2 sct's a 6" and a 10" and i like to use a focal reducer on my scopes for visual when not viewing planets as i can achieve a wider FOV.

I have a 36mm hyperion which gives me

Scope, Normal, With reducer

6", 1.73, 2.88

10", 1.04, 1.65

The 6" has no problem focusing with the reducer and 36mm but the 10" doesn't quite have enough in focus,

Would moving the reducer away from the tube allow for more in travel? or do i have it completely wrong?

the diagonal I have is quite small and i doubt i could introduce more in travel there.

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The focal reducer is a "positive" system and works opposite to a Barlow. On that basis, moving the reducer back should provide extra back focus, however these reducers are designed for an optimum position and might give unwanted optical effects if far removed from this. Worth a try. :).

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Cheers Peter, i did think it was the case, i have ordered a sct/2" fitting and i already have a 2"/sct adapter so should add around 2" extension before the reducer, if it doesn't work i still have 2 useful adapters :)

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