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Sky at Night - 700 Not Out


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Don't know if anyone has set their Sky+ up yet, but this months (700th) episode is on for 40mins on BBC1 (6th) and 60mins on BBC4 (8th) which I think is slightly longer than normal?

Sun 6 Mar 201123:25BBC One (except Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

Sun 6 Mar 201123:45BBC One (Northern Ireland only)

Sun 6 Mar 201123:55BBC One (Scotland, Wales only)

Tue 8 Mar 201119:30BBC Four

Wed 9 Mar 201100:00BBC Four

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Nice !!

Thanks for the reminder. I always forget and end up watching on the iplayer. Will stay up late and watch 'live'. 700 episodes.........wow!


I prefer to wait the couple extra days for the extended version :)

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Congrats to The Sky at Night !, amazing to think 700 episodes.

Just got my first Sky at Night Magazine through the post with the episode history. Chuffed.

May Sir Patrick Moore continue presenting for many years to come.

Re: Wonders of the universe.

Looking forward to the show. The Stargazing Live show pushed me into getting my scope in January. Even though the presentation was a shambles, it was a good laugh and you might catch me watching the re-run on Sky+ now and then, as I find anything Astronomy related fascinating.

Let's hope the camera spends more time point outwards to the universe than to Prof. Brian cox this time round. :)

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Looking forward to this, will recheck timings on Saturday just in case the BBC change the airing time :)

Seems a panel of guests including Prof Brian Cox and Dr Lucie Green will be on answering questions from viewers, and John Culshaw will be recreating some 'iconic' moments from the 80's impersonating Sir Patrick.

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