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My First M51


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So I had a lovely clear night last night around midnight, and was so excited to find M51 I thought I'd go crazy and try a whole bunch of exposures and see what the result would be.


60 x 1min

15 x dark

15 x bias

15 x flats - which I think I could have done better with

I'm absolutely astonished at the result, as this is only the 4th time I've had the telescope out since I got it. I'll have a few more goes at processing and post another image if I can improve it, but this will do for now!


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thats really nice. something to be proud of.

was that guided or unguided?

That was unguided.

I only got a remote switch last week for the camera and 60 seconds was about as long as I could get before there was trailing. Need to work on my polar alignment methinks, but if it's possible to get detail like I have with 1min subs then that will keep me happy for a while yet! I can even tolerate the egg-shaped stars!

I'm going to enjoy what I've got for now before I start splashing out on autoguiding and coma correctors and what-not. :)

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yeah i need to get my head around PA.

i'm still limited to 30s, really need to sort out a remote for mine. but as you said i'm happy with a bit of coma and egg shaped stars too for now.

If it's a Canon you've got, have a look on ebay. My remote was £2.99 and free delivery. Works fine and much cheaper than the proper Canon one!

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