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Hello everybody!


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Wow, thank you everyone. You are all a friendly lot on here. The rumours must be wrong (only joking!)

Must be a close neighbour to me in Goring

I know Goring quite well, I was there only two weeks ago doing a children's birthday party. Fortunately I'm doing less of that nowadays!

hi robert and welcome, a good job for your magic show would be to make all the clouds disappear!

Ha! If only, if only...!

From another magician, not professional like yourself but well enough versed, although currently still trying to get my head around Tamariz' Mnemonica..

That's currently on my to-do list! I've read the first couple of chapters but need to find the time to hammer it in my brain. I did know the Nikola Stack a few years back so perhaps I should just stick with that!

Hi Robert and a warm welcome to SGL from Hungerford

I haven't been to Newbury Astro yet myself - I think they do a starter evening once a month on a Wednesday

Sounds interesting, Wednesdays tend to be better for me so I think that's something I should look into. May see you at one those meetings soon!

Done a bit of magic myself in the past - mostly for friends and familly - loads of fun

I've noticed that quite a few magicians like astronomy, and astronomers like magic. A few years back one of the guests on The Sky At Night performed magic tricks to explain some of the curiosities of the Universe.

Many thanks again to all those that have said hello, and hopefully my questions aren't too dumb!

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HI and welcome from me too :) Please dont encourage my partner who used to be an amateur magician because if I have to st through the three card monte one more time I swear I'll be driven to commit a breach of the queens peace :p

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