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Hello, i have recently been looking into buying a scope, since seeing the large and low moon a month or so ago. I actually stopped the car to look at it, i work shifts and this was around 3 in the morning. Since then ive been looking into the night sky and am amazed! Something that has been there all my life and i have never really given it more than the odd glance here and there!

Although i did spend some time in the Jordanian desert in '99 and remember looking up most nights in amazment at how much i could see.

From looking into scopes i stumbled accross this site and have been 'lurking' for a few weeks,

Anyway just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for such a great forum, there is alot of knowledge to be gleened from here!

Jay :)

Oh and i have not decided what scope i am getting yet and will try not to add to the hundreds of 'what scope shall i get threads" mmm i wonder how long that will last!

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Cheers, at the moment im looking at either the Skywatcher 150p or 150pl, pullin my hair out deciding what one to get! the money is burning a hole in my pocket, is my birthday tomorrow and was hoping i had made my mind up by then... obviously not lol


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