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Battery overvoltage and sensitive equipment.

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Thanks to SGL folks who suggested purchase of an (apparently) excellent "leisure" battery and charger. One question though: With voltages (potentially!) variable from 11.9 to 13.9V, dependent on charge, should I worry about my [Watec] camera? It comes with rather dire and repeated warnings re. operation outside pm 10% (12V stabilised!) nominal? :)

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Hi , While I do not have a Watec 120N ( at ca 500 quidzes ) I use various Mintrons (12V1 series & 12V6) & Watec 902 's ( A , H & K) and Samsungs (425 & 435 ) I always use a 12 v regulator like this 1A Regulated Car Power Adaptor : InCar Power Adaptors : Maplin . The only gotcha is when you have multiple cameras to ensure you have the right sized plug in to the camera back and that you have the polarity correct . I keep a regulator per camera . Hope this helps :)

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Forgive me hijacking the thread but I have a Watec 120N and up until tonight I was powering it from a Maplin inverter. Seemed like a brilliant idea because I could use the power supply that came with the camera - unfortunately I appear to have destroyed it (the battery, not the camera).

Do leisure batteries come with cigarette lighter sockets? - I'm not clear from looking at them online what connections they do have.



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