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Is an EQ mount usable for terestrial viewing?

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I'm going to buy an Evostar 90 as an introduction to astronomy. I like the idea of a refractor and the fact it can be used for Astro and terrestrial use.

I am considering the EQ3-2 mounted version, as I can then look for a 150P newt to compliment it, however, I'm unsure if the EQ3-2 mount can be used terrestrially. I've read it won't move in the azimuth, which would make it a little unsuitable.

I know this isn't really astro related, but I want something that is versatile an also slightly future proof.

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If you can set the polar altitude to 90 deg (or 0 deg if you don't mind the axes interchanged) then yes it will work as a simple alt-azimuth mount.

Not sure if this is the case with the eq3-2, but someone on SGL should know.

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Yes the EQ3 (and other EQ mounts) can be used for terrestrial viewing...

You'll not be able to set the latitude for either 0 or 90 degrees - the mount won't physically do that!

You just have to remember that the scope won't move in the traditional up and down of an Alt/Az mount - but in two arcs - once you work that out in your head you're be fine.



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Thanks, thats good to know. Though multipurpose would be quite nice, got some good views across a valley from the back, and, as has been the case recently, you can't guarantee good seeing (or any seeing) at night!:)

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